You will be receiving a professional service that will be tailored to meet the needs of your event or workplace requirements.

All of our therapists are fully trained massage professionals with their own industry registration and insurance.

Workplace Rewards

Workplace Rewards

When you contact us we will attain the relevant information to accurately provide you with the rates appropriate to your service requirements.

If parking is not provided, fees maybe included on the invoice.

Rates start as low as $73.70 per hour. The rate reduces with regular visits and the longer the timeframe we are at your premises.

To discuss your requirements, please complete the form below stating your preferred option and number of participants, or feel free to call us on 1300 796 940.

We will require information such as how many participants and how long each will be receiving their treatment for.

Payment Options

A. Fully funded by the business.

B. Funded partially by the business and the participant.

C. Fully funded by the participant.


We require for you to give us at least 24 hours notice for cancellations, to avoid incurring a 50% fee of the booking total.