Live Now – Live Healthy

Cruising out of Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

Cruising out of Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

As you read this, empty your mind of all the other things you could or should be doing. I mean it, STOP! Anything else in your mind put it aside, write it down if you must just empty your mind. Now your mind is clear you can experience this moment, take a few breaths, feel the air flow into your lungs, feel your muscles, notice any other sensations you may feel in your body. Are there feelings in your body that you were not aware of or, is this just an unusual experience that you are not generally so clear of mind as to be able to truly connect with your body.  We now live in such a fast paced society, it can feel like we have a million things on our mind and we get so overloaded we turn on automatic pilot. Our body does its best to function whilst our minds are busy thinking about what we ran out of time to do today, or yesterday and what we ‘should be doing’ tomorrow. As a result, automatic pilot is the body trying to function without a controller – as such we lose the moment we can experience what is ‘now’ which is the experience of being present, this is something we can all be guilty of this at times. I will admit I have lived many years this way, unfortunately this can lead to dis-ease mentally, physically, spiritually or often a combination of these areas. Earlier this year some major life changes helped me to reclaim my moments and experience those heart beats, rather than worrying about the past or the future. Here is a picture capturing one of those amazing moments as I enjoyed a beautiful cruise amongst the islands sailing out of Stockholm. Now you might laugh at the hair as my friends did, but I think the smile shows how much I lived and loved that moment. I chose to follow my heart and my passion that is massage and educating people about health but with a twist, I was working on a cruise ship. It was a wonderful experience with the sail away from Stockholm, by far one of my top  3 moments while cruising. To give you a run down, it was 5 1/2 days a week for 14 hrs a day but I promise you, the moments I had off ship I made the most of each heart beat. I visited a glacier in Norway, enjoyed horse riding in Iceland and explored St Petersburg in Russia just to name a few of the amazing experiences. Now back on Australian soil I have chosen to continue the path of massage, coaching and guiding others to their optimal health, wellness and achieving life balance. I make it a daily practice to clear my mind and live in the moment. My energy levels, vitality and productivity are far greater as a result of this practice as well a great organic nutrition.  I hope you may consider taking your life back like I have, or simply claim it like never before. Live in each moment, remember that’s all you really have. P.S It doesn’t mean you should go jump on a ship, that was my dream – So what’s yours? Dream it, but remember to live and love each moment along your journey.


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