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Reduce energy consumption for your day – A trick I use

Often people count calories of meals however they forget about drinks and snacks.

Here is one of my favourite little tricks, I will cut my favourite protein bar into pieces. I take a cube at a time, that way I don’t eat it all in one hit, later in the day if I need something I can have another piece giving me a little pick me up with out the sugar overload. It amazed me how this helps reduced my over eating. I’ve never done the calorie counting thing, however I do like to consider how active my day will be and eat accordingly.

Where did those calories come from???

Where did those calories come from???

The best thing is to do what works for you.

Using this trick, I find a bar that I used to munch down in one hit or at least one day, the same bar may last 3-4 days as snacks – “Love it”

It doesn’t have to be hard work. You can choose to make it easy. Every little adjustment can help you to achieve your over all Body and Mindset Wellness.

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Organic Choice

These days it’s hard to know what’s healthy. It seems every other day the blogs or info being circulated through social media and the news is saying the opposite to the week before. Advertising throws around the terms “Low Fat” (often high in sugar) or Zero sugar which may be filled with another genetically modified alternative that is not so great for your body. It’s time to learn what it is you are eating, this means you ultimately will be empowered to maintain your health and through wiser decisions hopefully prevent disease.This blog is just to get you thinking as there are all sorts of articles for you to read listed studies etc.


I”m a fan of organic produce so I decided to throw a few points in for you

Some simple things to consider

Is it organic? More supermarkets are increasing their organic ranges as well as an increase in speciality stores are becoming available. Another thing to note that sometime non-certified organic may be organic however they may not have gone through the demanding certification process.

Why choose organic when generally it costs more? The food grown is exposed to less pesticides, this means that you will consume less pesticides. I still suggest you wash your food.

Why does organic cost more? The farmer, labour, loss of crops, and attaining certification lead to higher costs.

Certified organic means the grower has to meet very high standards for this certification and there is more lost crop due to not using pesticides and herbicides. Studies involving food scans of organically grown vs conventionally grown fruit and vegetables shows a significant difference in the energy in the food being in favour of the organically grown. This is a good reason why to buy an organically grown apple for your morning tea rather than muslei  bar or conventionally grown fruit. There are studies that suggest there is no benefit to going organic, it is always important to explore any bias potential with any study that you are reading.

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Speed up your recovery from exercise!

Training changes such as but certainly not limited to: frequency, distance, new or old shoes, intensity, change of exercise type and variation of surface, all need to be considered in calculating your recovery time. Changes that lead to an increase of stress on the body, may mean you need to adjust training schedule and nutritional intake, to allow the body enough time to recover and repair between workouts.

Other life stressors can also influence your recovery such as: a new job, less sleep, new baby etc.

This Blog is not to replace you seeking specific personal professional advice, it is a guide only. These tips are by no means everything you need to know about exercise. For a beginner commencing an exercise regime please seek personalised professional advise for your situation. My aim is to share some tips I have picked up along the way. I’m hoping to help educate people that there is much more to consider, when going for a run, than just throwing on a pair of sneakers and hitting the pavement. Many people go on their Health Kicks or New Years Resolution’s without any preparation. As the saying goes “Failing to plan, is planning to FAIL”. Once you sustain an injury the damage is done, let’s try to prevent them, as well as help you feel better post work out and keeping you on track to achieving your goals. If you are unsure of how to do any of the listed points, feel free to get in touch with me, within my capacity I can assist or point you in the appropriate direction. Click here

Speed up your workout recovery

Speed up your workout recovery

Here are some easy things you can do so you are not so stiff and sore post work out.

  1. Warm up – I’m sure you have been told “don’t forget to warm up” but I find most people still don’t do it. If you understand a little of why then you might actually do it! Here’s why – Stiff or cold muscles suddenly thrust into vigorous exercise will suffer more microscopic muscle tears than they would if eased into a gradual build up of intensity. For the competitive reader, better blood flow will enhance performance, sound good? Then you know what to do.
  2. Stretch – You can do some gentle stretching before your activity, avoid intense or deep stretches as you don’t want to weaken the muscles or cause micro tears just prior to exerting full effort. For specific stretching guides explore this blog as I have posted and will be posting more descriptions on certain stretches and how to do them safely.
  3. Workout – Enjoy your activity and ensure that you are playing or training at the appropriate level for you.
  4. Cool down – Let’s get straight to the why?- it allows your body, particularly your heart time to adjust to your slower pace. This will give the heart and muscles time to realise the blood needs to flow slower, helping to avoid that light headed feeling or worse fainting.
  5. Stretch – To undo the tension build up from the workout ensure you always stretch as the final part of the cool down process. Focus firstly on the main muscles used the activity.
  6. Massage – Will help to passively release tension at a deeper level than stretching. It will enhance blood flow circulating nutrients to your muscles quicker hence speeding up the recovery. For enquiries on Body and Mindset Wellness Mobile and Corporate Massage service in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Click here.

    Massage aids in recovery and enhance relaxation

    Massage aids in recovery and enhance relaxation

  7. Nutrients – Adequate nutrients with a well balanced diet will assist in the recovery from exercise as well as aid in optimal performance.
  8. Hydration – Staying well hydrated is essential as we are made up of 50-65% water, when you start to feel thirsty that is a sign you are already dehydrated. Ensure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, more when exercising or sweating large amounts.
  9. Electrolytes – Sweat will cause you to lose electrolytes, it is especially important when there has been sustained sweating for quite a long period of time to consume extra electrolytes.  We can get some from our food, depending on the food choice. It’s not always necessary to add extra to your diet however for distance events, especially in sun exposure, you require water replacement as well as electrolytes. Be mindful of the electrolyte replacements that you select as some may have quite a lot of sugar in them. Here is a link to an article on coconut water and it’s ability to act as a natural sports drink. I’m not saying its the only option but it’s a great option
    Natural electrolyte replacement

    Natural electrolyte replacement

  10. Active recovery – Being active on the days after your workout, even if it’s a walk or some simple stretches, will help promote blood flow and speed up the recovery process.

I hope this has given you something to think about and may help you on the road to your success, happy training.

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Live Now – Live Healthy

Cruising out of Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

Cruising out of Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

As you read this, empty your mind of all the other things you could or should be doing. I mean it, STOP! Anything else in your mind put it aside, write it down if you must just empty your mind. Now your mind is clear you can experience this moment, take a few breaths, feel the air flow into your lungs, feel your muscles, notice any other sensations you may feel in your body. Are there feelings in your body that you were not aware of or, is this just an unusual experience that you are not generally so clear of mind as to be able to truly connect with your body.  We now live in such a fast paced society, it can feel like we have a million things on our mind and we get so overloaded we turn on automatic pilot. Our body does its best to function whilst our minds are busy thinking about what we ran out of time to do today, or yesterday and what we ‘should be doing’ tomorrow. As a result, automatic pilot is the body trying to function without a controller – as such we lose the moment we can experience what is ‘now’ which is the experience of being present, this is something we can all be guilty of this at times. I will admit I have lived many years this way, unfortunately this can lead to dis-ease mentally, physically, spiritually or often a combination of these areas. Earlier this year some major life changes helped me to reclaim my moments and experience those heart beats, rather than worrying about the past or the future. Here is a picture capturing one of those amazing moments as I enjoyed a beautiful cruise amongst the islands sailing out of Stockholm. Now you might laugh at the hair as my friends did, but I think the smile shows how much I lived and loved that moment. I chose to follow my heart and my passion that is massage and educating people about health but with a twist, I was working on a cruise ship. It was a wonderful experience with the sail away from Stockholm, by far one of my top  3 moments while cruising. To give you a run down, it was 5 1/2 days a week for 14 hrs a day but I promise you, the moments I had off ship I made the most of each heart beat. I visited a glacier in Norway, enjoyed horse riding in Iceland and explored St Petersburg in Russia just to name a few of the amazing experiences. Now back on Australian soil I have chosen to continue the path of massage, coaching and guiding others to their optimal health, wellness and achieving life balance. I make it a daily practice to clear my mind and live in the moment. My energy levels, vitality and productivity are far greater as a result of this practice as well a great organic nutrition.  I hope you may consider taking your life back like I have, or simply claim it like never before. Live in each moment, remember that’s all you really have. P.S It doesn’t mean you should go jump on a ship, that was my dream – So what’s yours? Dream it, but remember to live and love each moment along your journey.