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What is Corporate Massage?

A massage therapist(s) comes to your workplace, they set up in either a separate relaxing space, or they will treat your team, discreetly, at their workstations with minimal interference of workplace functions.

You can also use Corporate massage to put a unique touch on your next workplace event, such as: Christmas celebrations, Team welfare/OHS days and Fundraisers.

For more details on the Corporate massage options Click here.

Corporate Massage - Happy employees

Corporate Massage – Happy employees

Why should you arrange Corporate massage for your work place?

– It’s a great way of thanking your employees, building a team culture

– Your team will feel appreciated, it shows your team that you care

– It’s great for building a team culture, at a low and tax deductible cost to the business

– Happier and energised employees

– Increases morale, motivation and productivity

– Saves your business money by reducing the costs from illness, injuries and sick days related to stress

– A great incentive for retention of key team members in your business

Stress Reduction - Better Health

Stress Reduction – Better Health

For the individuals who receive the treatments they can expect personal benefits such as:

– Relief, specific to the problem areas such as muscle tension in the neck, back, shoulders, wrist and hands.    These are all common problems in the corporate environment.

– Improves overall feeling of wellbeing, increasing energy and productivity

– Reduces stress, muscle tension, head aches, general aches and pains

– Improved alertness, clarity and concentration for greater personal performance

Body and Mindset Wellness – Corporate Massage in Melbourne

To discuss your requirements, please click here or feel free to call us on  1300 796 940


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