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Corporate Health -Stretches for the Hip Flexors

Corporate lifestyle = many hours in seated position, this causes many muscles to shorten/stiffen up, causing postural problems and often pain. Stretching is an easy method of self care that you can do to assist in relieving muscle shortening and discomfort.  Previously in this blog I have shown stretches for the upper body and how to safely execute them. This stretch is focused further down the body, we are looking at the hip flexors. These muscles are located deep, attaching to the spine, pelvis and thigh bones. Often when they are tight they can send an achey pain into the lower back and or thigh. If you have any joint conditions or major concerns get a doctors clearance to confirm that you are safe to proceed with these stretches. All stretching should be done slowly, deliberately into and out of the stretch, holding the stretch for at least 10 seconds.

*Please avoid these stretches if you have had a hip, back or knee injury, seek professional exercise advice if unsure.


  • This stretch is performed in a lunge position. The target hip will be the side that has the leg down the other side will be holding most of your weight and shifting your body weight until a desired stretch is achieved. To assist you can allow one knee to touch the ground or you can hover it off the ground (starting position-picture on the left).
  • Use a stable support for balance such as a wall.
  • Inhale, on the exhale while gently lunging further forward, bending the front leg, ensure to maintain a straight spine/natural curves. Do not push forward in the low back, this may lead to injury, avoid doing the stretch if you can not achieve the stretch without arching/pushing your back forward.
  • When you feel a stretch hold the position for at least 10 seconds.(stretch picture on the right)
  • Focus on breathing while stretching.
  • Gently push back out of the stretch and repeat 3-5 times.
  • Repeat the whole process on the other side.

The demonstration supplied is an example however if you have greater flexibility your back leg may be quite a bit further back, avoid bending the front knee more than 90deg, to reduce stressors on the knee. If you have less flexibility you may find that you can not start with your target leg knee straight down and you may feel a stretch before the the hip is straight.

There is a degree of difficulty in this stretch, always ensure that you are only working to your capabilities and if in doubt obtain a medical clearance before you proceed. This blog does not intend to replace any exercise specialist advice if so required we suggest that you seek professional assistance.

Massage can be another effective treatment for tight hip flexors and may offer relief. These muscles have a powerful effect on our posture, to have them released can make a big difference to and individuals posture.

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Happy stretching!

Stretching is a wonderful easy way to manage your own discomfort and feel great.

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Great Corporate Gifts


Corporate Massage Melbourne. Gift certificates from Body and Mindset Wellness

Gift Solutions that are breaking the mould of Christmas gift hampers that won’t break the bank.

Corporate Massage for clients and staff is a unique way to say thank you.

You can purchase gift vouchers or you can arrange corporate massage in the office.

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2015 Events That Stand Out

This Spring Carnival season in Melbourne 2015, YOUR event can be the stand out of all events.

Would you like to know how?

Just add a little special touch – Event/Corporate Massage

Body and Mindset Wellness – Events and Corporate Massage in Melbourne, Australia

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Most people love a massage, go on add a little special extra bonus in your marquee. Last Spring Carnival, massage was a hit with numerous event organisers who planned massage as a treat for their guests, with rave reviews as a result.

If your event is not trackside that’s ok we will come to your function venue.

A quick 5-10 minute massage for your guests will give them something to smile about. Oh and don’t worry we won’t mess up the make up, we will leave people feeling better than they did and as great as they look.

Win in more ways than one this Spring Carnival

Win in more ways than one this Spring Carnival

For those who are working on the race days then bring a bit of the enjoyment to the workplace for your team, they will love you for it.

If you are holding any social event adding a special touch of a pampering massage will leave your guests looking forward to your next event and wanting more.

Just add a little special touch – Event/Corporate Massage

Body and Mindset Wellness – Events and Corporate Massage in Melbourne, Australia

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Give the Gift of Health

Give the unique Gift of Feeling Great

Massage Gift Certificate

We all know people who either buy everything they want, leaving

nothing for anyone else to get them, or

people who look after everyone else and forget about themself.

Body and Mindset Wellness has Gift Certificates,

available for purchase.

Other great opportunities to use a Gift Certificate are

Thank you

Good bye & Good Luck


Happy Birthday

Merry Christmas

Happy Engagement

Congratulations on your Wedding Day


Valentines Day

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Reduce energy consumption for your day – A trick I use

Often people count calories of meals however they forget about drinks and snacks.

Here is one of my favourite little tricks, I will cut my favourite protein bar into pieces. I take a cube at a time, that way I don’t eat it all in one hit, later in the day if I need something I can have another piece giving me a little pick me up with out the sugar overload. It amazed me how this helps reduced my over eating. I’ve never done the calorie counting thing, however I do like to consider how active my day will be and eat accordingly.

Where did those calories come from???

Where did those calories come from???

The best thing is to do what works for you.

Using this trick, I find a bar that I used to munch down in one hit or at least one day, the same bar may last 3-4 days as snacks – “Love it”

It doesn’t have to be hard work. You can choose to make it easy. Every little adjustment can help you to achieve your over all Body and Mindset Wellness.